About us

k'kaa games is a small team of enthusiasts, dedicated to creating fun and educational mobile phone games for you to play with your baby, toddler or child.

We aim to make fun and educational games that can be used and enjoyed by preschool children. The games provide hours of entertainment for you as a parent and your baby or child.

Our games utilize the touch and tilt-sensitive features of modern phones to make playing more immersive and fun for the child.


One of our team members has a child that calls ducks k'kaa. This also explains the logo. He is also the most cherished part of our team and our main User Experience and Quality Assurance tester.


We are starting from ground up, so expect more quacking soon!

Contact information

Contact us via email. We would love to hear comments and suggestions!

Privacy information

We do not collect any data about our users. We will never ask you for your information.

Have fun with your kid!